Sociology of Music Education


  Sociology of Music Education

The views of music education and how we teach children and young adults has changed in the last 100 years.  Primarily due to radio and television and pop culture.  The sociology of teaching or educating someone about music and how music is so closely related to math has long been a topic of discussion.  This website is purely informational in nature and by no means represents the views of a physcaitrist or mental health professional.  Our discussions or symposia will be educational in format. 

5th - 9th July 2009 (please note extension of dates). Conference Chair: Dr John O'Flynn (St. Patrick's College, Dublin City University)

ORGANISING COMMITTEE. Gwen Moore (Convenor). John O'Flynn - St. Patrick's College, Dublin (Symposium Chair). Karen Power · Michael Murphy

Papers published from the 2nd International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education. The Teaching Researcher: A Sense Of Place

Kahrs Wood Flooring for All of Your Entertaining Needs  


If you like to entertain a lot than you know you want your home to look as beautiful as possible. Whether you have your friends over for a fun cook-out and sit on the back patio, you know that later towards the evening you all will be going inside of your home. You want your home to look clean, inviting and gorgeous. One way to attain this is to have hardwood floors installed into your home. Not only will it look lovely but it is simple to take care of. 


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Hardwood floors are much easier than taking care of carpeting. For instance, you can simply sweep or use a small vacuum (for non-carpet floors) on your hardwood floors to make the floors look nice and clean in a jiffy. If you have spills on your hardwood floors you can simply take a cloth and wipe the spill up. If you have carpeting than you may need to take water to pat the stain down and try to soak up as much of it as possible. Then you will need to put some type of stain remover on it. Next you may even have to shampoo your carpeting to keep it looking stain-free and beautiful.  


Perhaps you have your family over every Sunday. You may hold holidays at your house for your small or very large family. Either way, you want your home to look comfortable and inviting. You want people to come over and come back again after a wonderful experience at your beloved home. You may entertain more formally at times. You may have your spouse’s boss and other co-workers for dinner. You want your home spic and span especially at this time.  


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Kahrs Wood Flooring carries a Boardwalk Collection. You have four choices in the Boardwalk Collection for your home or business. The Kahrs Bayside Flooring Collection is different, in that, it will give you different looks due to the staining technique that is used on it.  


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You will love the variety of options you have with Kahrs Hardwood Flooring. Each one of these options has a different price to keep your pocketbook happy.

The Importance of Caring For Your Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring, just like any other type of wood-based flooring is easy to maintain. If cared for properly it can even last for a long time. It is important to keep laminate flooring clean as dust, dirt and sand particles may scratch the surface. This is especially important in highly trafficked areas. It is also important to keep this type of flooring dry as water and moisture can cause the planks to swell.


Mohawk Laminate Flooring

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Though some brands of laminate flooring are equipped with coatings that are water-resistant, this is still an important consideration. Should liquids spill onto or accumulate on the floor they shouldn’t cause a problem if they are wiped up quickly.


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One way to care for your flooring is to place felt pads on the bottoms of furniture legs. These pads are adhesive and will stick to the underside of the legs without leaving a mark. This will prevent the surface of the floor from becoming scratched, especially when the furniture is moved across it.


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Gluless laminate flooring may gradually become separated, thus creating visible gaps between the planks. These planks, however, can be tapped back together by using an appropriate tool. Failing to do this can result in the gaps becoming filled with dirt which will then make them difficult to close.


Laminate flooring can be swept and vacuumed just like any other floor. You will want to do this frequently as dust and other dirt particles will be visible to the human eye if left unattended.


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When it comes to using cleaning solutions on laminate flooring you will want to be very careful. It is very important to keep in mind that not every cleaning product can be used on this type of floor. Before ever using any cleaning products on your floor, be sure to check the labels for information that will inform you of whether or not it is acceptable. Some products contain harsh chemicals that could discolor or even scratch the surface of the laminate. Once scratched it cannot be repaired.


Laminate flooring is a cost-effective choice for any home no matter its size. It is easy to install and care for and will last a long time if it is well maintained. It comes in a variety of colors and styles and will match any décor. Take good care of it and you’ll still be enjoying the many benefits that come with choosing laminate for many years to come.

ColoradoMelting Pot  


     The state of Colorado has become one of the most popular places to live for people of every walk it seems.  People who enjoy hunting seek out “happy hunting grounds”.  Old hippies seek out the “ just outside of town” rural areas, where they can enjoy the peace and solitude of the mountains and countryside, but also the convenience of being able to get to their “baby boomer doctors appointments for what ails them and to the grocery store for items they can’t grow themselves, and also to the bank. 

    The idealistic “Mother Earth” lovers prefer the rural and mountainous isolated areas where they can convene and be closer to nature and Mother Earth.  Snow skiers and snow board and other winter sport enthusiasts seek out the snow covered mountains and vistas of the Rockies that descend down through the middle of the state, along with the continental divide.  Ranchers seek out the prairie and high desert for cattle and sheep.  Truly, Colorado has become a melting pot of all sorts of folks with something different for every type of folk. 

     It basically has become known as the primo hunting capitol of the world for larger game such as moose, elk, even bear.  It literally swarms with different and diverse kinds of hunting outfits and outfitters alike. 

     I know my Daddy and brothers and several other male acquaintances look forward every year to taking off with a bunch of other guys and getting out there in the wilds and pursuing the great Elk.  And let me tell you, not everyone is cut out for that type of hunting.  You really have to know what you are doing and have good hunting instincts and wit.  Elk are nobody’s fools.  They know you are coming.  They smell you in the air.  They will decoy you off into some bramble area where you might never find your way out if you aren’t careful.  Or they might even see what kind of mettle you are made of and just charge you right off the boot! 

And the first time you actually see a live Elk up close can take your  breath away…Talk about “buck fever”. 

So, you do want to know what you are doing and what to expect when you go.  That is why you are better off spending the money for a guide or outfitter who can, as we have said before,  make sure that not only might you actually even find the Elk, but even go home with a beautiful rack and delicious Elk meat also. 

As we like to say, “get the most bang for your buck!” 

    But aside from hunting, Colorado really does draw many different kinds of folks into its little melting pot of sorts.  So if you ever consider picking up and starting over, Colorado can be the perfect choice, where there is something for everyone, and every kind of folk to be known. 

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Insurance Fraud and It’s Cost to Policy Holders


Insurance Fraud is one of the most committed frauds in the whole country.  More non-criminal people commit fraud without even realizing they are committing a severe crime than any other crime.  Insurance fraud has been around since insurance first began in the US market.  The Wikipedia Encyclopedia defines insurance fraud as “act committed with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer“ (  With that said, it’s the financial gain that drives people to commit insurance fraud.  They feel they can pull one over on the insurance companies because the insurance companies have all the money, but they don’t realize the ones they are hurting are innocent people, not the insurance companies. 


Insurance companies are in the market to make money not to lose money. So when they start losing money, especially by fraud, they take up their premiums on those paying for insurance. Insurance fraud is so easy to commit sometimes that it seems harmless, like car insurance fraud. Its an easy concept. Lets just say a man named Peter gets in an accident and he goes and gets the highest estimate that he can to have his car fixed. The insurance company cuts Peter a check in the amount of the estimate but he has another body shop do the repairs for $1000 less. Then he pockets the money. That’s fraud and is against the law. This is also considered to be soft fraud. Soft fraud is just an exaggeration of the truth to pocket a little extra cash.

Hard Fraud is just the opposite.  It is a complete lie.  Its when someone actually invents a claim, like a collision or a fire, in order to gain profits that would have otherwise been obsolete.  Hard fraud happens a lot when people get covered up in debt and destroy their personal property by fire or whatever means they can in order to get the money to pay off the debt.  Just to give you an example, there was an incident in the news not too long ago where a house had blown up, literally.  There was a gas leak in the house and when the thermostat kicked on, it blew the house into pieces.  All that was left was the slab and a pile of rubble.  It turned out that the owner was upside down in debt with the house and fixing to foreclose on it.  So he left the gas on and blew it up.  What he didn’t know was that it caused over $1 million in damage to the surrounding houses because the explosion was so big.  And that’s not counting his house.  In this instance, he’s going to jail for fraud, but his neighbors are going to suffer higher premiums each year because of this one act of fraud.  Though there’s no way to give an exact estimation on how much insurance claims cost insurance companies each year, it is in the billions of dollars because a significant amount of claims are fraudulent claims that are turned in.

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